Discussing Toxic Relationships

Could anybody hurt you emotionally and kill your soul without feeling any guilt or remorse or even shame? The thing is I became paranoid about any guy who approaches me. You know, I’m allergic to the word “fuckboy” and I consider them all as such. Aren’t they? At this moment I’m glad I’m single. I…

Self Apology

Self love is knowing how to converse, treat, and apologise to oneself.

Photography: Architecture

This blog post is about my photography of some of the French and Algerian architecture. Paris and Algiers.

It’s a new beginning! A fresh start!

Salut guys. Back after a long time of not posting and wow I missed writing so much. There is a lot happening with me right now. From uni life to normal one. We didn’t actually start really studying this week yet, so I took that as an advantage to meet all of my friends and…